How often do we place rich and healthy in the same sentence, probably not very often, however if we have good health and generally feel fine we are truly rich in that area, it is very often the case that we give this no thought until something goes wrong, we are ill and realise, how we love to feel fine and have no illness what so ever, even if it is just a simple cold, nobody really enjoys to be ill……….do they? If we can say we enjoy good health I really do believe we are rich, for no physical money in the world can buy us our health, but feeling good is worth its weight in gold ! What would you give to feel better again ?

Our health is a wonderful gift of our life, which until we lose it whether it be temporary or on a more permanent basis do we maybe even give it a little thought, and it really is worth much more than that, it is a gift that we receive each and everyday, our health enables us to live our life the way we wish and it is amazing how resilient it can be. Remember within the Law of Attraction the more grateful we are for our Health(in this case) the more health we will be given. It is also important to give thanks for that health, just leading a healthy lifestyle is not always enough, we need to keep the magic of motion going with our health and everything else in our life. When you hold this believe you will notice little aches and pains will disappear and your energy and vitality along with your happiness will increase.

It is so important the we choose a good healthy lifestyle, but it is also important we choose one, that we can do, if we set a goal on this and have ideas of how to improve our lifestyle, make sure it is realistic, giving ourselves things to do and eat that you know you are not going to be able to maintain, try to keep it within your means , at times the more basic the better, and nothing is better than a simple beautiful walk or swim or a pleasant cycling trip. As with healthy eating, nothing can beat good fresh food, forget about premade meals (processed food) by eating well and giving our body a little exercise, we can gain that healthy glow, a skip in our step more energy and vitality, and when you have all this in your life, you are happy,it is a natural process…… When we start to think of everything our body does for us, we will realise how not to take advantage of any little part, just think what we put our feet, legs and hands through, out heart our lungs and other vital organs,each part is so precious and needed, and deserves to be looked after just how we care for ourselves, and don’t forget your eyes to see and your ears to hear, how fortunate we are, how rich we are to have all these things and to be able to function in so many ways. And never forget your senses, if we did not have the sense of touch,just think of how many things we would be missing out on, our sense of smell to enjoy some of the most beautiful fragances we can enjoy, and of course our sense of taste which gives us so much pleasure to eat and drink , and I am sure that many of you do not give very much thought to your brain, just think how we manage to process over a million messages a second through all of our senses. And even with all the wonderful technology in the world that we have today, no computer can do that. After my heart scare, and realising that my whole body revolves around its health and performance, I am truly grateful for my healthy heart and endeavour to do as much as possible to keep it that way, and I say to myself each and everyday, what a wonderful gift of life I have, I feel I have been given a second chance, so along with medication I feel strong to my beliefs and try to get better and increase my energy and enjoyment in life.

Brooke, Universal Life Coach




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  1. ❤️Fenomenal! es cierto que la salud no tiene precio! Sin salud somos pocas cosas… Cuidate 💓

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