We all are aware how delicious food can be, and that it is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and that, there are certain temptacions that our brain cannot resist… although we have promised ourselves a thousand times not to try that certain thing again…..

There are certain foods that we have a greater love for than others and we cannot resist no matter what, in fact, some we even feel guilty about if we eat them, this is due to additives that are within that food-producing pleasurable sensations to us and well being,

Coffee/Tea……….Many people need a dose of coffee or tea in the morning, and actually depend on the beverage, coffee contains a natural stimulant which keeps you agile and active all day long.

Cakes……………….These are foods which we use as prizes and our brain sees them this way, we eat more of them when we feel we deserve a prize.

Ice-cream…………….Now this is one of the most addictive food there is, and it acts in a similar way to cakes, the more we eat the more we want.

Refreshments…………In recent studies it has been proven that sugar can give us a very addictive behaviour , which is why we become totally hooked on fizzy drinks and refreshments in general that have a high content of sugar, or sustances that sweeten them even more.

Chocolate………………..The action of this delight is that it bounces us into energy action, and of course its stimulant in caffeine, it also holds chemical substances that influence our brain, it can also due to its carbohydrates and vegetable fats can calm your anxiety and even lift depression, of course, this is only for a short period !!

Cheese/Milk ……………..Diary products have calcium and protein of a high quality, which make them them an active ingredient in diary products,diary productos are favourable for sleep and calm the body and stressful situations.

So, how do we overcome the anxiety of eating, it is so difficult to resist them but easier to keep to some recommendations, don’t allow your body to react in times of stress, by eating foods we know are not good for you…. follow a strict timetable regarding meals and eating, take up the habit of eating five smaller meals a day, at set hours that should not be changed, this way you control your appetite and take on a new routin everyday, choose wisely what you pick at during the day, pick foods low in sugar and high in fiber, fruit with the skin is good, yogurts and brown bread. Eat proteins, they are low in adictive sustances especially meat and fish.

Happy healthy eating !!

Brooke Universal Life Coach







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