Saturday morning 1

Do you ever think how mean you are to yourself ? Probably not ! until something drastic happens in your life and you realise that you exist in a big way and not only others need you and your time, you need yourself, you need to nurture and care for yourself with all the love and care you give to others, this is your life and we only have one, we have the same right to be happy and feel safe and secure as anyone else. 

So why do we deny ourselves these simple little treasures of life, maybe we are so busy taking care of our families, jobs exterior issues, we tend to neglect our little self…….this is not done with intention, quite the opposite, I honestly think we don’t realise the little hamster wheel we put ourselves on.

So how do we get out of that hamster wheel ? The easiest way is to plan yourself into your day in the same form we do everyone else, if there is room for all of that, there is room for you…….the secret is not to make any excuse,(that’s how we got to the bottom of the list originally) we are as important as anyone else, in fact, if we were not here what would the  people who depend on us do ? You need to think of this, every time you are ready to make your excuse……………When we start to think about ourselves we really can achieve amazing things, we just don’t think of ourselves enough, try it, you have nothing to lose.



Universal Life Coach.








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