Have you ever lost yourself, then feel you have gone so far away, you even doubt your way back, you need to keep going and wonder where to begin, the beginning is always a good place, with the difference that you now arite the story, the new story, to the way you would like it to be, not anything that brings you pain or trouble, we have an opportunity every day, lets get it right!

Peel away your layers just like an onion, don’t be afraid of what you may find, confront it whatever it may be, each layer will tell you a story, listen to what it has to say, until you come to the final layer, when you discover fear, invite it to come closer, don’t run away from it, embrace it, hold it tight and let it stay with you, it is only an emotion,analize it and let it just flow within and then let it go,when you reach the final layer you will see yourself and you will shine, when you go through this process you will feel the relief as each layer is removed, you will find yourself once again vibrant and ready to go, you have discovered yourself with a wonderful cleanse and provided yourself with an optime moment to make decisions.

The more you delve into yourself the clearer things become to you, you can learn so much about yourself, your true authentic self.

Brooke Universal Life Coach







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