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We all have a friend that is there for us, to tell you and give you the advice you want to hear, you sit over coffee and hang on every word they have to say, in short, you listen! but, if it was complete strangers giving you this advice, would you listen? what would you do? Your inner guidance is you, and it is a little like this, it will tell you exactly what to do, but because we are always busy and going from one thing to another, it can get very noisy inside there, you need to learn to shut the noise out, this way you can listen to your inner guidance calmly and hear well what it is saying, this way you can make your life decisions and know which path to take. 

The quieter and calmer you are the more you will hear, deep from in yourself. When you know how to listen, you will be given the correct guidance time and time again, you will make the right choices and decisions. You have to know that your inner guidance, your intuition can always be trusted, and it always knows what is best for you. When I wrote the other day regarding your intuition, we started our new relationship by writing down things from our past, that had been mistakes, we made an agreement and acknowledged the existence of our intuition, our inner guidance. “I know you exist, I have started a conversation with you, I want to continue to seek out your guidance”When you switch on your personal GPS and are in tune again, it’s there for you, whenever you want it when you question what you are doing in life, are you ready to move on, to stay where you are, change your job, country whatever may be on your mind, your inner guidance will be able to answer you. As time goes on you will know how to listen correctly, when you acknowledge this, you will connect to your sixth sense. Don’t let external factors shadow your guidance, the news can be depressing you may have a peer or social pressure, this does not include them, this is purely between you and your inner power. Consider this as normal, in our everyday life, there is always someone trying to get our attention, but you will learn how to go into your internal world, Your inner guidance always knows what is best for you.

To connect strongly with your intuition/inner guidance, you must really desire to do so, no half measures count here, you must really want to listen, when you make this agreement with yourself, you, yourself are removing external factors and things become calm.

Always remember the difference between thinking and feeling a decision, thinking is in the brain, which as you know from last week is a second component in the thought path, the feeling comes from your wonderful strong heart, the center of your conscious.

A life spent making mistakes is honourable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing”

Brooke Universal Life Coach


10 Comments on “INNER GUIDANCE…………..

  1. Great advice B. I know you are talking about intuition in a more deep context here but I can sometimes get really confused about what I should even wear and my Mom says to me trust in what feels right to you. Don’t second guess yourself.

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  2. Absolutely, facts jotted down👍 Communication is not only good speaking, rather its Listening, reading, Writing and speaking. Until and unless you can listen intuitivly to others, you are not a good communicator, though you speak great english/Hindi or other languages. If you listen carefully, if u read profusely and if you write in awesome manner, You have a lot of contents to speak and you speak with stratospheric tones, and thats the beauty of communication. Followed your blog, check my blog if you wish to follow.

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