e You are not born with confidence….. and that is a fact, you can obtain confidence due to the experiences you obtain during your life or you can change your beliefs regarding yourself and boost your self worth in a very short period of time, many people do belief that you are either confident or not from birth, this is not the case, However if you are one of these people who lack confidence, you will always feel that you are not truly happy and do not obtain success or obtain your goals, but this will be mainly to you giving up before you have the opportunity to get even close to happiness,success or your personal goals. (Due to your lack of confidence and self worth)

To achieve your goals and success in all walks of your life you must be confident, you must feel good in your own skin, which in turn will give you a happy life, to obtain confidence and self worth, you must concentrate on what you are good at,you must see yourself with better eyes, you must see who you really are, to only think of what you are not good at will only keep you stuck where you may be now, think more about the things you do like about yourself, the other points can be worked on over time.

To make this change, you must take all your positive thoughts and stick with them, negative thoughts are unwanted and you should not give them your time or personal space, when you tune into your positive thoughts about yourself, you will instantly feel better and your general body language to others will change, you show the outside world that you are happy with who you are, your abilities become better,because you now believe in yourself and this will grow day by day, the pathway to your goals will become clearer to you, because you have removed those storm clouds and your skies are now blue with rays of sunshine, you are carrying a lighter load, and you will feel this inside and it will show outside, this will widen your social circle and your networking in your working front will also benefit. Affirmations can help you here, you can tell yourself all day, anytime anyplace,its a conversation with yourself,private and personal.Affirmations can only strength your own positive thoughts, and increase your self confidence and self worth. . Some people have great problems with selving out the negative thoughts, it can be done in many ways and you have to find the one that works for you best, once you find your personal method it will be as easy as you walking, you automatically put one foot in front of the others, because it is so deeply set in your sub-conscious that we give it no thought its natural its in us, so we need to adopt the same system, think maybe everytime a negative thought comes along, imagine a no entry sign in your head,if you were driving you would not go down that street, so train your mind to do the same, you have to find what works for you best,but in everything else, if we don’t like something we don’t do it…………….so, we need to see these negative thoughts as something we obviously do not like, if you can attach them to something so very disliked by you, it will become easier and easier,and in a very short time it will be a natural action to just disgard that negative thought and send it on its way………………………………………a journey of no return.

self confidence 2

Brooke Universal Life Coach






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