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Monday, Monday here we are again, so what are we going to do today, we all talk about change,  this can be your body, your mind, your attitude your situation, in fact it could be about anything. So, what’s that one thing you keep putting of,the good intention is not enough, we need to act….. we are told this over and over again, and excuses wear thin after a while, we are virtually in March, wakey wakey the year is moving forward are you ?

Let’s make today, the day, let’s make ourselves accountable for this very Monday, what a great way to start of the week, with a  change that we need to make, and want to make. Maybe it’s a diet, and you just can’t come round to starting, so do it the easy or easier way maybe just start by eating healthy natural good food, that’s what I call nothing that comes from a packet, processed and full of sugar, the mind is a funny thing especially with a diet, you crave things more because you know they are a NO NO !! so try not to put yourself into that position, it may take you a little longer but if you don’t have a strong will, you will be happier, or maybe take out the potato and bread, if you wish to lose a couple of kilos don’t leave it do it today you will feel so good with yourself.

Maybe you would like to change your hairstyle and don’t have the courage, today could be that day, the worst outcome could be you don’t like it!! the best is that hair grows, ……..This to the person concerned is serious, so if you are thinking of totally re-shaping your life which will feel very serious to you, should be considered the same, what I am trying to say here is every choice we make that brings about a change is something we really want, and for some reason people can hold back and suspend it in the air for ever and a day, the art to act is all down to you, your responsability and your accountability to yourself, change can bring new horizons, a new challenge maybe a new future and a new you, this change may make you far more happier as a person, a mum/dad wife/husband because you will finally have turned that corner and you will start to feel that you are beginning to accomplish something you needed to change in your life. 

When you open your eyes today, or when  you are sipping your Monday morning coffee , think, What are you going to change this week, or what are you going to start this week that will begin your change, you have to be brave, you have to act just take small steps into maybe your new business, or joining your local yoga class, wherever your decision lies, do it today, Wakey Wakey .images wakey wakey sleepy head

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14 Comments on “ACT TODAY……IT’S MONDAY…

  1. I totally agree, the world moves on and nothing will wait for us, so we gotta act today. I’m moving in to a new place and I’m planning to go back to jogging and to enrol at some course… and perhaps get a job along the way.


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