During this difficult time of lockdowns and new ways of living it is may be easy to just hide our heads in the sand, but we should be doing the total opposite and treat ourselves and others with more care and love.

When we use the word kindness we stop and think of soft fragile moments that warm our hearts, yet there is great strength within us all, when we strive each day and do not lose faith or hope although we are living in a world that is so upside down at the moment , kindness always wins through. Kindness can win us over in very troubled and difficult times. kindness is a wonderful thing to give and to recieve, it is essential in our life.

Kindness should always start with ourselves, we deserve kindness in our life as much as anyone else, without it we become hard, and life can then seem very hard, harder than it is already. At times we can receive kindness from a complete stranger, we receive a smile in passing, and it brightens our day, someone may hold the door, little things that fill us with a sensation of happiness to share this moment of kindness with someone.

Another form of showing kindness, is our capacity to listen with an enormous open heart, most relationships whether it be family or intimate are under great stress as we are thrown together under these circumstances for long periods of time, we feel fear and uncertainty and this will weigh on a normally good positive relationship. Negativity creeps in and we miss our normal physical contact with our loved ones, that usual hug can transmit so much to us and for the moment we have lost that, and even being able to see some of our loved ones.

Kindness can pacify even the most troubled of times, and its ok to do things your way, we can change our mind, when can address our stress, talk through situations, or not want to talk about things, take time for yourself,

Brooke Universal Life Coach






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