How would you like to prepare your bedroom for a perfect pleasant night of sleep , how we place the bed, the furniture, the colors we choose, the lighting and the temperature all influence how well we feel and sleep within our bedroom, it can define are quality of life during the evening.

The colors we choose are very important , the cooler colors are more relaxing and give a sensation of depth , if used on the walls, on the other hand warmer colors can activate when on the walls, and create an optical illusion of the space being smaller, Lilac,lavenda beige and grey colors are relaxing colors, white and nuetral colors are perfect and can be mixed with any combination.

It is also recommended that the bedroom be as spacious as possible, make sure the furniture is fitting in size with your bedroom, not to big and not to small, it is important that you can open all cupboards, drawers and doors within the room, when we position our bedhead with a northern orientation we are connecting with the earth’s magnetic field and we should be able to walk comfortable both sides of the bed.

The temperature in the evening is more healthy to be pleasant, not to cold and not to hot, it is better that the temperature be lower in the evening than during the day, this is better to be able to sleep and obviously will help with the electric bills. The lighting should be used to create the ambience in the room, low warming light is best used for night table lights or wall fittings. The lighting should be relaxing and intimate.

Your bedroom will usually be your quiet space, a place where you may go for peace and quiet, it is your little sanctuary, where we can go to hide away and find our peace and harmony. When we retire for the evening if it is possible it is far better that the door be left open to help with the circulation of air, and energy that favor a good night’s sleep, good ventillation allows for a deeper sleep.

It is highly recommended that no work material is in that space, if for a question of space, you cannot avoid that, try to always leave things as neat as possible. Plants play a very important job in the bedroom, they can purify the air and leave a natural perfum.

It is wise to pay special attention to the lighting and natural light for the size of the room when you decide the colors and mix and match your tones.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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