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Hello, and welcome yet again to our cozy corner this week, make sure you have your favourite tea or coffee blend to keep you nice and warm, after the fall of snow this morning, which was not expected at all, everywhere seems to be a little chilly !! As we are in the month of Love I thought it might be suitable for me to select a few mails that relate to love in some way…………we all have hang ups or little problems from time to time……….

Dear Brooke,

I am starting to panic about my future, in a romantic sense, I have not had a partner for many years now and I am starting to think I will be alone for ever, this is not what I want but do you think I am maybe just to old.

Dear Friend,

I had to smile a little when I read this email, not in a bad way please don’t take offense, first I think it is important that you realise that Love does not have an age ticket on it anywhere…..but you do have to be open to it, and not find yourself a little corner where you feel so comfortable you never move, or give of the body language of NO WAY (not interested) it is true that the older we get, the more fixed in our ways we become,but, when two people meet that truly want to have a relationship and be together, you can find the way to do that, respecting the  life you both have until this point, it is essential that you give and take and you will both need patience, and talk like in any relationship communication is the key……Age is not the problem, we all have our soul mate somewhere out in this big world. <3<3

Dear Brooke,

I have been married five years, I really love my husband, but for some reason I am having an affair , I have been cheating on my husband for 4 months, luckily he does not know and there is little chance that he will find out , I just do not know what to do, the main problem is that he is not very active, our sex life has a lot to be desired, and when we are together in this way, it is because I have gone to him. Within my affair this is opposite and I think this gives me the  equilibrium I seek but I know it is wrong.

 Dear Friend,

I understand you may think it an option to continue to play this game, you are ok and your husband also and maybe even your friend is fine with the arrangements. The problem is it is a lie, you are cheating on your husband and it is very unfair on him.this kind of relationship would be fine if your husband was in agreement and you were having an open relationship, but this way you are deciding for him, have you ever talked to him, regarding his lack of sexual interest ? you know it may not be how you imagine,  he may have a reason that you are unaware of, it could even be a respect issue with you, you may be able to resolve this problem by talking, and if you decide not to disclose your other relationship, that is your decision, but stop it, be respectful to yourself and of course respect your husband. The longer this situation goes on, the worse you will probably feel. 

Hope you have enjoyed your little read this week, and I look forward to next weeks mails, thank you as always for contributing to this Friday page and I look forward to receiving your news and views…………..


Brooke Universal Life Coach



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