How do we kick to the curb, our stress and anxiety…..we all have moments when things can get the better of us, and we need to know quick effective little remedies, that we can use, in an instant…..hands on therapy that take only seconds but leave us with longer lasting results.

It’s all in the hands, tap to de-stress….take a second for yourself , close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths and tap the top of your hand at the base of your ring and little fingers, tap lightly for approx 20 seconds smile and keep repeating, all is great, you are going to have a fabulous day , you will find this will bring your stress levels and your body will feel it.

Pull away to ease the tension…. Lean forward and gently touch those toes, or just slowly swing from side to side, any stretch which is good for you will be fine, now, vigorously massage your ears every little part of them, around the lobes behind them and infront, do this for approx 30 seconds, smile and breathe, now, stretch again in the same way and see how far you can go this time, ususally the result is further, its an energy move and works a treat.

A little seven minute wonder, who can’t spare 7 minutes for an instant cure, may be you will want to set a gentle 7 min alarm, nothing to noisy, dont alarm yourself with it, Sit comfortably, but with “intent” straight back supporting your own weight, feet on the floor if you are sitting or crosslegged on the floor, now, mentally scan your body from toes to head, if you find an area with pain or discomfort take note and breathe deeply into it, count your breath, in on one, out on two and so on, go up to ten… then start again until the alarm goes off…Scan you body again from toes to head , gently open your eyes, This is so simple, but try it daily and you’ll feel secure, grounded and relaxed

Remove that stressed look! 10 minutes is all you need, although we all try to hide stress, it can be seen all over our faces, but you can release each and every fold, line and furrow it gives you. This is a clever facial massage, which can relieve all sorts of problems that are stress related,

Make the blend, add 10ml of jojoba oil to two drops of camomile and one drop of madarin essential oil, Chamomile is soothing and mandarine is calming, simply pour a little of the oil in your hands, warm by rubbing together and use your fingertips to massage your face and neck, as you massage, you will feel areas that need more atention than others, spend extra time there working in the soothing and pleasant oil.

Facial massages can relieve all sorts of problems

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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