Let’s fill it up with oils, sizzling salts ……or maybe we just want that fabulous skin-glowing experience, bath time can really be very magical……….there are certain things we should always remember before we plunge into divine comfort and pleasure….

Your lighting should be perfect, nice and soft and low, little tealight or scented candles just make the perfect twinkle and perfumed atmosphere, no strong lights or anything that makes a sound is needed or wanted at this moment.

The only sound you should be seeking is a soft background music track, that you can enjoy and relax with,

Water…Now this is a personal point, we all have a limit to the heat of the water we enjoy, remember that too hot is not good if you have dry or sensitive skin. But to be able to soak away our daily accumulated tension is the order of the day.

Tidy….you have to be in a tidy space, its important for you to keep a clear mind when you are soaking, not worrying about the open drawers or scattered beauty products here and there, a nice tidy space, gives you a nice tidy mind

Reach out….. you need to be able to reach and obtain anything you may need, think ahead prepare what you need around you, this is a peaceful time, having to leave your beautiful warm soaking to collect something is not what you are looking for, you want a peaceful, restful experience from beginning to end.

The ritual of preparing the bath is as important as the bath itself, you need to be full of bath inspiration, this is your moment, so whatever you want goes….even a glass of wine can be enjoyed, or a nice cup of tea, it’s all about you, this is your time….close the rest of the world out, make everything as nice as you can, nice towels to wrap yourself in as you step out of the bath, a nice body cream to spoil yourself with, something with a soothing perfumed effect that will linger with you and remind you all night long of your perfect one to one, maybe you take this time to read or meditate, what could be more pleasureable than soaking away and floating into your meditation at the same time….make it your time to remember

Brooke Universal Life Coach






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