At times, this statement is and will be difficult to understand, or may be we just don’t want to understand it, when we are hit by circumstances in life that we, somehow are not prepared for, we need to be able to react….. at the moment the world is living through an unknown reality, and we are all struggling in some shape or form, some more than others, why is this, could it be how we approach it from the mind, how is your acceptance level? we can’t change things so the quicker we learn to live with it the better and happier we will be, can we be happy you may ask? of course we can, it’s really all down to us and how we react and adapt.

We have just passed one of the most difficult times of the year, if not the most, Christmas can be hard for many reasons in normal times, but the times we are currently living through, just made it that little bit harder, we have the section of missing, we have lost someone and it is that first big hurdle, it may never get totally good, but, each year is a little easier to bear, we find a way to place the memories in a special place within our heart, and life goes on, as they say………if we have children (small children) or grandchildren it can help, it makes such a special time more exciting for them, we do what we do for them, you are worth it and so are they, they are amybe your why to so many things, it helps us to make times important and special.

You may have been fortunate during these times, to create a new and better connection with your family, although this dreaded lockdown can be a tension trigger at the beginning, it is possible if we give everyone the chance to see who they really are, people change and over a period of time, even when you see them everyday during normal times we don’t know who they are, we loose track during the caos of everyday, but when we have a situation thrown upon us, it does give us the opportunity, once the dust has settled that you can connect in a different way, a deeper way and more caring way, at times troubled times can bring us all together, this really is precious time, try to enjoy it and make the most of your new found family time……you may feel you wish to go the extra mile to make things happen and that is perfectly understandable.

Keeping with the intense sense of family, we have taken lots of comforts and joys for granted previously and we have now learn’t how to be a little more humble regarding this, you have started to have movie nights, cooking together and maybe more important eating together, this is so important to share, when the family eats together there is laughter and conversation its a beautiful time that you had many forgotten, so remember these bad times are not so bad……Everything is more meaningful at the moment, and one of the things we should take away with us, when all this is over, is exactly that, what you have learnt over this time, family is key in our life and nothing should be allowed to come between that, try to find joy in everything you do… matter what level that will be.

I think another great thing we have learnt through these times, is to be grateful for the little things we have in life, maybe you have noticed them more? it is certainly time to count our blessings, because we do have them, it has been a strange and scary year, but if our family is well and good, we surely have a blessing there, and don’t forget the blessings we have to come when we can do, all the things we did before, watching sport(live) travelling family and friends at fabulous gatherings, what will be your first?

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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