Now, you maybe thinking this is easier than it sounds, and I understand that, but it really is down to you, you can have the inner power to make or break you, it is so easy to blame others or blame circumstances in our life, but the final word or thought is yours, again I can hear and feel your disagreement with this, it is true that at times we find ourselves in a situation that we never even saw coming, but how we get out of that…….is down to us, we are more than capable of caring for ourselves, of making a new direction in life, without fear and self doubt…..if you are unhappy unsettled or just feeling really bad what could be worse?

When you change your mindset from victim to victorious your inner strength will start to grow, in whatever field that may be, if you wish to work for yourself, what is stopping you, if you are already employed, there is nothing wrong with running your ideas parallel with what you do until you are sure of the new route you wish to take and if you are not working at all, then nothing should be in your way, there are many ways to work for yourself starting with no financial investment, its a question of having the courage to do it, what is the worst outcome, nothing more than an experience, you will learn from this adventure, within yourself and within the world of business, life is a learning curve, every day we learn something we did not know, and this is good. Don’t live a life you don’t want, we only pass this way once and it is important to make the most of that time, and being happy is one of the most important things, it shows in the way we are, how we treat others the connection we have with people we love and are around us, it shows in our health, learn to accept where you are and what you have in life, at times acceptance is a great way to find that happiness freedom we sometimes seek, ambition is a great thing, but it is great when you want it and happily go after it, but when you doing it for the wrong reasons and maybe the wrong people you will never have that feeling of contentment. Live your life on your terms and not on the terms of others.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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