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Perception, the magical word when looking at failure, it is the only thing that matters. Failure at times comes in so many wrapping, you lose your job, things don’t work out ! this could just be that you have to reach your success opportunity, so obstacles arise to keep you going towards your perfect job, purpose etc., If you settled into a job you really didn’t like or just conformed with a situation, instead of taking the sign, that is given to you, you did’nt listen to that little voice in your inner self you spend your life doing or living a life you did not want. The fact that something does not work out for you, does not spell failure or that YOU are a failure, far from it. This is only your perception between failure and success, if you connect with your inner self your intuition, you can take back control of your situation. When you are going some where new for the first time, and you get lost, this happens to us all, at least once…..or twice…or always !! Is this a failure ? NO, you just don’t give up, YOU step in and finally get to where you were going. When YOU step in, you see that you have more than one opportunity to get there, you do not just give up……right? Don’t give up so easily, connect with your intuition, breathing deeply and calming down will take you to your new point of departure, forward and on to success. 

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When you trust and support your intuition, you will in return start to have two of the most important concepts for this to be at its greatest, without trust, you will question everything you are told, “Is this really the best for me” Don’t forget this is your personal GPS, its natural and is yours, your inner voice directing you correctly and towards your goals, you must have 100% trust. Trust can take time, especially as you are changing old habits, habits that have been with you a long time, start with small things, where you feel comfortable with, and build up your trust. 

Maybe one of the natures of life is for us to have obstacles, we all have them difficulties and challenges that pop up to surprise us and put us to the test. Your intuition will always support you, it is not like a relationship with another person, you may feel that you always give more, help, assistance, care love etc., this cannot be controlled, what another decides to give is up to them, but you do control your own situation and your intuition will always trust and support you, it has an inside view of you like no other, it knows your every move and you will always benefit from this. 

Create a journal, a little note box, just for you and your intuition, don’t forget your intuition knows you, but you need to build up your support and trust, keep this little book with you at all times, when you get that feeling or a hunch as you may want to call it, write it down, say it out loud, this gut feeling is your intuition trying to connect with you, each time you note something down you are building your trust, and over time you will see the support it is offering you. After a while you will have quite a stack of information given to you by your intuition, you need to do this, as our mind is logical and will want to push this from your mind, your mind does not understand emotions and feelings, so your mind might have difficulty on the how and why you now want to trust your intuition. Because you have written your gut feelings down, your brain will be helped to make that transition to trusting and having support. When you also speak out loud, just like writing, pronouncing gives our logical brain the help it needs to make this real and gives proof  and recognition. Also speaking out loud gives confirmation of the conversation you are having with your sub conscious mind. 

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  1. This is a subject I have been wrestling with for some time now. It just reaffirms that I’m must trust my own gut instincts. No doubts. A change of perception is not a bad thing when it comes to self doubt xx

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