It is only at the point of letting go that we have the ability to move forward, we have to let the past go to be able to appreciate what we really have, which brings us to the wonderful point to start again. Each day brings that opportunity to you, but do we really realize that At times we are surrounded by negative feedback and people, this makes it more difficult for us to see this daily opportunity and our mind and heart take longer to see the situation for what it is, new day new start…….


When we openly reject to do something for ourselves that would improve our lifestyle and wellbeing, it’s due to the mind tunning in and understanding but not the heart, the heart is what impulses us to take those steps, the motivation, the passion is all within the heart, and when you truly believe this you will act and start your new journey. Believe in yourself, your passions and ideas are yours and yours only, you are the one who can see them through, sadly this does not apply to everyone, you have to be strong, all leaders are strong, and the strength is within, we all have it, but many choose not to recognize their own strengths. You can be a leader, the leader of your own life, that’s worth everything you’ve got………..To stay your whole life in your “comfort zone” is not going to give you the life you really crave, you are conforming and that is not enough for you, you will never be truly happy and content with the outcome of your life, we need our inner strength to find the attitude we need, that’s what makes you different to stand out and make your choice to live the life you really want. if we don’t leave our “comfort zone” no progress will be made, you are incapable of moving forward. To be different is wonderful, we all arrived in this world the same, and we all had to learn the same things, but with determination, motivation, and true passion you can have the life you wish, take the opportunities that are offered to you every day, be aware of them and take action.

good life 2

When we have the opportunity to meet people who leave an impact on our lives, take note, don’t only wish to be like them, make the changes today, make your tomorrow better than today, and keep moving forward to obtain what you want in this life and not what others want for you, appreciate everything you have in life, don’t be afraid of moving out of your “comfort zone” although you feel fine in there, it is holding you back, break the invisible chains that hold you now, and make today the first day of your new life.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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