As you probaly know I am here in Spain, and we are finally on the last days of Christmas, it is not over yet here, We have the spectacular arrival of The Three Kings of the Orient,and that is (Jan 5th) In Spain this is similar to our traditional Christmas eve, known here in Spain as the Good Night,and the arrival of the Kings, as The night of the Kings,  Everyone will take to the streets, in every village, town or city throughout Spain no matter how small every one will have there particular parade, this story dates back to 1885, Alcoy situated in the province of Alicante Spain, is the oldest parade on record, and I am pleased to say being in the same province I have seen many times, and I am amazed every time I visit. Usually a couple of days before, the Royal donkeys are sent on there mission, loaded with giant sized letter boxes the donkeys parade through the streets with the Royal pages, collecting all the letters from the children for the Three Kings, indicating what they would like to receive, On the evening of the Grand Parade, some Kings will arrive by sea, air or road all once on firm land, ride their majestic camels into the town, they are followed by floats full of familiar characters for children and Royal pages who’s job is to throw down to the crowds, sweets and goodies for the children to catch and collect, there is also a band playing typical christmas songs and carols, the atmosphere really is magic, and most children are totally captivated by what they see, a lot of work goe’s into this parade and nothing is spared in the elegance of the Kings robes and of those in the parade. After the parade most families will dine together in true Spanish style and the children will go to bed extremley excited awaiting the visit from the Kings, the tradition is that the Kings enter by the window and fill a pair of shoes especially left with the presents the children will receive, the tradition also states that children who have not behaved during the year, will receive coal (carbon) this however should it be the case is sugared so it can be a sweet experience!! the children leave water and bread for the camels and January 6th is a special day, like that of Christmas Day, special menus are prepared and families gather together to celebrate. Christmas as we know it, is also celebrated here in Spain now, as it was previously more religous days purely celebrating the birth of Jesus, but as every where it is now comercialised and it is fiesta time for everyone, some children even have a double christmas including presents ……….. so if you travel to Spain in January don’t forget the night of the 5th is a christmas eve and the 6th is a christmas day, this parade is well worth a visit, you will really enjoy this experience and I can guarantee you will not forget. I have a beautiful video for you, on the night of the 5th.



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