Here we are, ready to start a New day, full of excitement and promises that we make to ourselves, it is a New Year, how true to ourselves can we be, dream as hard as you can, visualise what you want in your life and start your plan of action, you do not need to climb Everest for this, small steps are equally as good as giant strides, if, you are heading in the right direction, at times things come along in our life that seem to upset what we are doing, but, have you ever thought we are simply being re-directed ……..go with the flow, but take care as to not go with the wrong current, we don’t want to drown, we know that sacrifices have to be made to reach success or what you wish to achieve in your life, but we should always be careful about the way we do things, kindness, respect and gratitude should always be given and shown. These, cost nothing but should never be forgotten. We cannot always do right to all people, and the saying that at times we need to be cruel to be kind, are true and valid, but they all lead to circumstances and situations and you need to be responsable to yourself and others when you take that route.

This saying is also so true, learn how to let go, although it can be extremely painful, if it is good for you and others, you need to set yourself free and others if you know in your heart it is the thing to do, when we let go, we are free to explore our possibilities, whether this be emotional or purely professional, we cannot carry excess baggage forever, we need to move forward in everything we do. Moving forward will take us to where and what we wish for in this life, you have to believe you can do it and obtain what you want.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year, start your year as you intend to carry on, make those changes and decisions and incorporate your new habits into your daily life……….find your passion, love your life take care and never stop dreaming…….

Broooke Universal Life Coach



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