Qualities – Are personal characteristics of an individual. They help a person to get long in a new situation.

Qualities – Can be charisma, intelligence, responsiveness, kind, helpful, caring, understanding, patient and loving are some of the words that come to mind when asked to list the qualities of a good person with qualities. The basic of qualities means something your good at.

Experience qualities – Aspects of a service such as courtesy, attention, satisfaction that can be evaluated at a later date, touching on your personal qualities when writing a resume means your highligting characteristics you possess as a person that can also benefit you as an employee.

Do you know your qualities, in business your experience qualities are very important, your after sales service is as important as you setting the inicial deal, this is greatly valued by your client, there is nothing worst than being taken in, you give your confidence and do business with that person, then you are forgotten, because the person who sold to you is on to the next sale, nobody likes to be a number, by being professional also includes your individual qualities. When looking for work, in the case of your resume it is important, to state the qualities relevant to the job you are applying for, your future employer is interested in this, not everything you have ever done in previous years, this can distract them from the question at hand, concentrate on what will be beneficial to you and them regarding your qualities. We all have qualities as unique as we are as people, be proud of your qualities use them always to your best advantage,On a personal note, Christmas is a wonderful time to show your personal qualities and start to list your business qualities ready to step into the New Year as who you want to be and achieve.

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