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So, where do you think you are going to be this time next year, it seems a long way away, but I can assure you it is not ! time flies when you’re having fun, and not… I promise you the one thing no one has or owns is time !! You can make more time for yourself, if that is what you want..but you have to have a plan to get there.

However, for some of you things can be radically different, your  life and business can grow beyond your dreams, one step at a time………….so what do you want, do you know, do you need help to define your dreams and how to get there, do you wish someone who believes in you could create your vision and goals with you, give you peace of mind and get you all excited about your great future ? That’s what happens when you work with me, your success becomes a reality, this is not an easy task, nothing comes easy in life as they say, but together we can reach your goals and that of course also means your happiness, this is a time in the future that will be rewarding and fulfilling, the best journey of your life. 

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This is a journey that will lead to a lifetime of rewards and beautiful success, a journey that will elevate you to the realm of infinite abundance, a journey of self discovery and universal understanding.

To obtain this you need to want this so badly, you need to step outside of your comfort zone, to become  a better version of who you are and to grow closer to who you were meant to be………. and this all begins with you and me………………..

“Without knowledge action is useless, and knowledge without action is futile “

To celebrate this great New Year, which is going to be your year, I have a special offer for you all, I have given this a lot of thought, and from things I am able to read between the lines of many of my emails, it is the finance factor that holds so many of you back, and this is understandable, on one hand you desperately seek help to turn your life around and to feel you are realising your purpose and passion in life, you can live from your talents, you can love what you do and earn a good income at the same time, but at times it is difficult to pay for this assistance, in the beginning and I understand that, I do not have a magic wand, but I can help a little in this area, to celebrate my personal Coaching success with you all, I am offering a 30% discount to all clients who wish to find themselves this year, if you sign up during the month of January, all that I request is when you reserve your coaching session a 25 euro deposit is paid to confirm your place with me for  your one to one coaching sessions , for the initial start (choose your month) and times, if there is anything at all you would like to know about, please feel free to personally email me, at I am happy to reply to any query you may have. 

If you really want to see a change in your life and lifestyle, act now, don’t wait any longer, you are destined to greatness, and that greatness is now……………You will be amazed at how far you can go, and everything you are able to achieve. 

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Brooke Universal Life Coach




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