Do you suffer from this syndrome, are you attracted to shiny objects, for those of you that are not familiar with this term, it basically is referring to you losing focus on what you are doing, and are easily distracted by people and ideas that are planned to stir you away from what you are doing, they are always nice objects with a lucrative reward, do you have problems finding your clarity and maybe courage to say NO…. it is the number one Entrepreneur weakness, so remember stay focused and stop getting distracted, there is nothing wrong with seeking multitream incomes, I am in great favor of that, but we cannot have a finger in every pie and be successful, it is I would say not advisable and very difficult, you see this really gives are monkey mind a fabulous reason to perform, as it adores shiny objects !!!

It is so easy when we first start out to be distracted by almost everything around us and of course those shiny objects, those wonderful business deals which offer us everything and more, do we fall for them or not ! at the beginning you very well might, and more so if it is introduced through a friend or person known to you, you are constantly thinking there is something else you should be doing…. while what we really should be doing is tuning into ourselves and focus hard on what you do well or enjoy to do. There is nothing worse than those shiny objects that allow you to be distracted from the core of your business.

You need to be aware of what is going on around you and in which direction you wish to go, some days it is difficult to find are motivation…………but don’t panic when this happens and it does, our motivation finds us……out of no where it will bounce back……………when you look at marketers, don’t look for quick financial gain, the expert marketers know that farming and there business has a lot in common, you need to plant,tend,plough,fertilise,weed and repeat, let someone else run around after shiny objects, you stick to your course and keep going, this is why you find such an extreme turn over in Network Marketing….. most people just can’t keep the pace, it’s not a case of losing your motivation, you just totally stopped focusing on what you are fighting for……YOUR WHY

When you are pondering through all these shiny objects, never lose sight of your relationship with yourself, it is the most important one you will have in your life, when you know you have achieved a remarkable relationship with yourself, when you have that, then any relationship is a plus and not a must.

When you finally let go of wanting that shiny alluring thing, you can then focus your attention on the things that will help and serve you the best, do one thing at a time, others may tell you they can do numerous things at the same time, swirling plates as a busy female is one thing but business is different and to which degree you wish to go, you need to be fully present, complete each task before you move on, maybe choose a few social platforms but not them all……

And finally, nothing that is worthwhile is easy………………remember that

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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