If we dive deep enough into ourselves, we will find the one thread of universal love that ties all beings together. 

Is this not a wonderful thought, to think that we have the inner power to achieve this wonderful thing, universal love, all for one and one for all. 

When we take the responsibility and total control of our reaction to any situation we become exactly what we wish to me, because you believe in yourself. We are all here for a reason, a purpose, and when we realise and believe that we are creating with the great creator himself, the universe works with us at all times……it is no accident that we are here, do you understand this, it is an unbelievable sequence of events for you to be here. 

universal citizen

So, are you part of the universe, are you a citizen of the universe, do you know what this is ? to be part of the great energy field, knowing your purpose, you need to know this, without it you are fumbling in the dark, and no map will help you, no GPS can get you out of this one, the sooner you know your route, you can act, the universe will indicate things to you, everything happens for a reason, and when you know you are part of this and that it is part of you, that it is all part of a bigger thing. when you are unable to be yourself you are also enabled to obtain your personal intent. 

universal citizen 1

You are here, and that is what matters, you are always preparing yourself with the help of the universe for what is to come. What can you do ? Always do it yourself……take responsibility for your space, everything you put out there will come back to you, you are inflow or you are out of flow, Universal energy flows within you, when you align with that you have power…..power like no other..<3

universal citizen 2

Once you realise that all comes from within, that the world in which you live is not projected onto you, but, by you, your fear comes to an end.

Brooke Universal Life Coach






5 Comments on “ARE YOU PART OF THE UNIVERSE ……..

  1. Way to go Brooke! Those are the keys: recognize the Creator in you, and working through you.


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