being alone 1

Are you afraid to be alone ? Many people are, but, I feel it is because they maybe don’t know how wonderful being alone can be, time is invaluable, so why should we waste time with people we do not wish to be with, for what ever reason you may have, and this is simply because we know what time is worth………when you truly know yourself, which is a topic we touched on last week, when you are your own best friend regardless of anything in the world, this is when you have a detailed account of who you are, and what you want in life, when you spend time with yourself, you form your own opinion, no one is allowed in to form opinions for you, be your own person…….never function with the aim to always please others, you must please yourself first,with yourself, the more clarity regarding yourself you have,  The more time you spend  with yourself, the easier it is for you to guide others that form part of your life, you will be able to control situations in difficult moments, your mental horizons are wide open, you think all the time when necessary and you notice everything that is going on around you. You have principles and boundaries and you stick to them, you do not acquire the habits of others to go forward in your life, you know yourself so well, that you know your ups and downs, and have no problem placing yourself in someone else’s shoes. 

being alone 2

The more time you spend on your own, the more  knowledge of your feelings and emotions you obtain yours and that of others, you have a natural empathy which can grasp the emotional frequencies of everyone around . Not one of us is perfect, and we would be very wrong to think so, you respect yourself and your flaws and also that of others, your personal intuition will never fail you, you just have to learn to listen and use this sixth sense that is a gift to you. You have a new-found independence when you spend time alone with yourself, you value this independence. you also have the new quality of never missing kindness when it is shown , you understand how this affects others and your life. You become brave, this does not been that you do not feel fear or are scared, but it does mean that you will never give up, no matter what your adventure may be. By spending time alone with yourself, you will prioritize yourself, you will look after yourself well, this can prevent you from dealing with a lot of heart-break. You will also learn the ability to be totally trust worthy, you may not trust many people, but people will trust and confide in you, they will know that all the secrets revealed will be safe with you. When you spend so much time alone, you will find an emotional strength, a strength that comes from focus and acceptance, you never lose track of your basic principles, these are very important to you, morals are integral to your destiny. Being used to being alone also makes you flexible in all circumstances this has an endearing effect on many people, you have learned to survive and this is one of your tactics, you learn the importance of meeting people half way, always, you never give up, you always appreciate your own company but understand that others may live differently. 

being alone 3

Never forget, there is a big difference between to be alone and feeling alone ! Connect with yourself, give yourself alone time, get to know yourself better than anyone else, when you know yourself well, you will never doubt yourself again and will find great comfort by being with your new best friend………………you ❤

being alone 4

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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