Our world is moving so fast , we are losing the capacity to reflect what we are doing……………….we are so full of nature and culture, in a biological and cultural way, without being aware of these things, we cannot understand the way we live, our belief’s, our institutions and our very own emotions. And we cannot avoid such things as poverty, fanatics or war.

There is a lot of talk regarding created intelligence, which may become a reality in a short period of time, or in other words a new society where machines will substitute our actitudes of today. We should always be open to progress and the advantages it can bring, but we should also be aware of the dangers it hides, this way we will be ready to find solution to this type of problem. No one can question the advantage of the car and the speed it now takes to get from A toB, however the speed can only get faster and the level of danger is greater, and more accidents happen. Another wonderful example is that of todays technology which has improved our lives in many ways, but also placed our beautiful planet earth at risk. We know how important it is to make the most of all types of experiences we can, this is when we realise how quickly life passes by and where we are, at times we need to stop to know where we are going.

Our past explains how we are, not all that is past is bad, and it is hard to understand our society if we do not know from where we have come, or why one country makes us different from others, some cultures from others , we value our freedom, our intimacy, at times we need to catch our breath, have a little glance behind and remember to recuperate who we are and what we have enjoyed and done.

Education is the key, we should never lose sight of the idea that we should never stop learning, we should understand that learning is interesting, it motivates us, we gain so much from it, we should not relate it to studies as this will turn us away from it and leave us hating it and feeling frustrated. If we look at it in a lighter way, we start to enjoy the learning process and should we need to vary our adult lives and change our direction, which is the reality of many, we will enjoy it and gain satisfaction from doing so.

Brooke Universal Life Coach






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