The Law of Attraction works twentyfour hours a da, every day, but you cannot just sit and imagine your every wish, you need to add your part of the action, which is not that difficult, to become aligned is an action, asking is an action and of course, many of you are looking for that lottery win, well if you don’t buy a ticket (action) you certainly will not win !!

Success is the Law of Attraction, effort is in your action, but you open yourself to success, you have to always understand that an hour of inner work is said to be the same as seven hours of outside work. Here, the importance is on your thoughts, emotions of what you want….you can develop these skills by believing in yourself and take great care with your words, in the Law of Attraction the words you use on a daily basis will influence greatly what you intend to create, words create thoughts, thoughts create believes…..

Learn to watch your words

Focus on what you want

Know your why …….

And of course, how you will feel, (the emotion) the key to success is to feel massive success now, it does not have to be around you, the same of with any other request you may have love, fear, etc.,

It’s a daily commitment to master your energy to apply the Law of Attraction, it is a new habit that you need to include in your daily routine, the words you use, the thoughts and emotions you have, when you de-rail you create a block within you that stops your energy flow and this has to flow to create into reality your wish.

I am frequently asked to get started , I usually answer, never forget the words you use, be aware be alert with this, don’t ever question your thoughts, these thoughts are in your head to start with.I would also advise to meditate each day, it does not have to be for a long period of time, but this will bring you a sense of calm, it helps with your clarity and control of your mind, you can do a guided meditation or simply repeat your favourite affirmation, you are connecting with the universe, you are aligning with what you want. When you have a negative thought which you will, we all do, have a quote or affirmation that you enjoy, this will replace the negative thought .

I would also always state how important it is to care for yourself as much as possible, eat as healthy as you can, exercise,drink lots of water sleep the correct amount of hours for you , never forget how unique you are, self care should be a priority for you.

Brooke Universal Life Coach





    • I understand your point, but you can have an accountability partner on the journey if you wish, the other side is that you need no one except yourself if that is what you choose, its all about choice…….have a great day


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