Winter can be cold and icy and chilly, but, it can also be beautiful, the scenery takes on a special glow and the homes lit up with cozy fire-light and little lanterns here and there, but the other side of winter that cannot be seen only felt, is sadly depression, the winter period is a popular time for depression although it does start to disappear again towards the spring, all this is associated possibly with less sunlight, spending more time indoors and of course the cold weather…these are a few of the causes of this temporary depression which create sadness, apathy, and anxiety, amongst others…Of course, another true sign of winter is cold feet, most of us suffer from that right? And the biggest problem is when we have cold feet, we feel that our whole body is frozen as well, so we need to wrap us well, feeling cold will instantly make us feel down in the dumps, feeling warm installs another kind of well being, maybe that’s why many of us just love the sunshine. I hope you all keep well wrapped up in the coming months, getting cold is no fun, and being ill even less.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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