morning 1

Are you starting your day in the correct way ?, the way we start are day is the way we end it, so it is so important that we get it right, this is a routine that is vital for you to learn, if you are looking for changes and a more positive way of living, lets look at what would help, I would say that one of the most important factors in a morning is time, always give yourself enough time, there is nothing worse than rushing through the door in a morning, half awake, no coffee or breakfast and not sure what day it is, this is not the way, when you do this you will be running all day, its like a dog chasing his own tail, make the effort if you are not a morning person and wake up with plenty of time…. when you do this for a while, you would never go back to rush rush rush ! when you first open your eyes, in your comfortable warm bed and know that you can stretch and get your thoughts together, there really is nothing better, you need to face the world in a calm state, with a clear mind and your emotions all in the right place, just think of how unique you are, you really are the best, and the best version of you should be shown to the world, everyday, face the world being you…. think as you stretch and start to say good morning to this great new day how grateful you are, for everything you have in your life, believe me, there is always some one in a worse situation than you, gratitude should be one of your first thoughts, full of positivity , kindness and consideration for others and yourself, don’t forget to love yourself…these thoughts will fill you with inner power, the power of a morning ritual is really extraordinary.

morning 2

When you feel good within yourself, you will believe in yourself and your abilities always face the world with confidence and never fear, fear is an emotion which we create in our minds, do not give it any room, fear is not wanted. When you take everything into consideration there are 5 basic power points to starting your day well, when you think, make sure it is positive thoughts, all the lovely things you wish to accomplish in your life or during your day, visualise how you see your day going,step by step and the more detail the better,start your day with a purpose, we all need a purpose and we all have one, if you are not sure of your purpose, sit and think, as this is of great importance, always take time for gratitude,we all have so much to be grateful for…..and finally act whenever possible, act on inspiration ! 

As we start our morning routine, take in everything you do, don’t just go through a routine like a robot, as we shower, think of the water which pours down on us, those little drops, are our power points of the day, each one charges us with more and more energy to see us through the day, we start to dress, each article of clothing is chosen for a reason, it is how we finally show up and face our daily world, when you are calm and happy you create your own sunshine for the day, become aware of you and where you are……………….and never forget your smile !

morning 3

Start your day with good intentions and create your wonderful life, it is in your hands 



Brooke Universal Coach


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7 Comments on “THINK ?

  1. I love your post!!! So positive, and healthy habits to add to your day. Having a grateful heart is a definitely a great way to start. Thanks for sharing 😁 I am new to blogging and I would love your feedback and feel free to follow 👍🏼


  2. I’m addition. I would recommend not turning on the news first thing in the morning. I like nature sound effects to start my day when I am not traveling.

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