Shine today november

Today, is just past the middle of the month and we are working towards the  last days of November, congratulations you have made it, so yes today and the whole of December is your opportunity to shine, all day and everyday…….


December is usually the month that we have more things going on than any other time of the year, and if you are responsable for a family, children etc much more work than a normal month, for a start we have holidays, Christmas time, and the New Year, big dates that represent big holidays and big work load…….. all though things seem to be a little different around the globe, however  also here in Spain we have the 6th of December which is a National holiday to celebrate the constitution in Spain, when the King took power  in Spain after the death of Franco in 1975. And many office and work colleagues have their special dinners and parties, so from a social point of view we are busy busy……..and we can become very tired before we truly begin with all the preparation involved with one thing and another. As I mention always a list can be very helpful and I would say extremely necessary if we don’t want to forget anything of importance.

This month more  than ever, you need to sleep well your full eight hours where possible as many evenings you will be short due to christmas duties and parties….. so as much sleep as possible, drink lots of water, try to have a few good walks as we also tend to eat more than normal and it can be somewhat rich food, so lets watch those calories !! or be prepared to work really hard after Christmas to make up for some burning off those extra pounds…. although believe me , we certainly work much harder in the home just with Christmas preparation. 

So, lets take a deep breath and welcome December as best we can, take each day as it comes and enjoy, be happy …………always 



Brooke Universal Life Coach



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