Are you aware of your own power, if you follow this blog, you should now have a good idea, you are unique, you are strong, you believe in yourself and you are very powerful, the power you have over yourself and your life? In a very old Hindu text (5th century BC) the following saying was found “The mind acts like an enemy for those who don’t control it ” This can refer to many things, but if we come back to 2020……………..

And imagine a scene we probably see or live through very often, you are walking down a street, and see a friend, you shout out to them, but they don’t hear a thing, you catch up to them, and they actually jump when they see you, ….this is a typical case of someone or maybe it has happened to you, they are so deep into a conversation with themselves that they are totally unaware of what is going on around them, this is when you are not in control of your mind when this happens, you miss out on so much, you miss what is around you, and you are not alert.. you lose yourself in your own thoughts. A good solution here is to trick your own mind, ask your mind as many questions as you can think of when you do this, your mind will automatically answer you, it can’t help its self, this way you are blocking any other kind of thoughts, this is how you take complete control of your mind, this way it works with you and not against you.

You are in total control of your mind, you must direct it to where you want to go and what you want to be, this is your power over yourself, to create what you really want in your life. Your mind is very powerful and you will know yourself how quickly you go from total happiness to a devastating downhill depression, this is all due to your thoughts, so can you see how important it is for you to be in control, this again is one of those things that practice makes perfect, you need to form the habit, once you do this, you will automatically keep away from out of control thoughts.

Our power as people is with us at all times, we are surrounded by a magnetic field, this magnetic field is how you attract everything to you, negative or positive, the power of your feelings do this. through your feelings, words and action add to the field around you, the more you add  (in a positive form)to your magnetic field the more power you have to attract what you want, your imagination can connect you to what you want and your magnetic power will bring your desire to you, always remember the power you have, it is with you at all times, use it for yourself as this power is yours and yours alone, this is all about you and your abilities to create what you want.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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