It will take no more effort to dream a big dream than it does to dream a small dream …………….

How true is this, the time is the same and the emotion you feel or need are exactly the same,so it makes so much sense to always dream big, another great saying is “If your dream does not scare you then it is not big enough” remember you can always break your dream down into small steps and work towards them that way, some people feel more comfortable with this method and it does make sense.

You need to write your goals and dreams down, with pen and paper, they are always stronger and your message and vibration will carry on its way to its destination in a quicker way……whatever it may be, whether it is a personal request or for your business, do you want to open a business, double or even triple your income, have more clients, reach a million followers on your social media …..your thought and emotions behind your dreams, will help you create your dreams and goals.

It is also a good idea to place a completion date for your dreams and goals, when this is transferred to paper, it seems to take on a magical effect….you have asked and our wish will be granted….it is a known fact that people you write down their goals will and can multiply their income numerous times.

You have a choice, in front of you, which in fact you have every day of your life, to believe in what you do, think and feel. “What ever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve” Nothing is impossible, it is nothing more than a big word thrown around by little people, this was a great saying by my personal hero, Mohamed Ali……

Remember to be grateful everyday for what you have, to write say and read your affirmations …….I am happy and grateful now that I am ……………….(your desire………….remember the bigger the better, when you come from abundance you will attract more abundance, it will come to you, dream affirm and create …

Never be afraid to dream……….

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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