What exactly is back to normality? Do you think we will ever be back to normal? Normal of course being how we were before!! If that is normal? maybe not to every one, however when we try to return into our normal routine, we have and will find it very hard, life has changed, life has moved on and we seem to be living in Covid 19 mode……. so what is the best way for us to confront this situation, attempting to make the transistion of smooth as we can for all concerned……

An open mind, will help tremendously, we have spent months talking about returning to normal, there are good sides and bad sides to this, so it leaves us a little confused and at odds with ourselves, however, we are going no where by complaining about this situation, if we are requested to take our temperature every day in our work place or local shopping mall, if the stalls we know have to work in or the masks we are wearing are annoying us, we need to get on with it, and help to protect ourselves and those who are around us. The sooner we accept the situation, the easier it will be in helping to try and achieve a normal atmosphere surrounding us.

We have probably had to change our plans on most levels, new routines with new timetables and even introduce new customs into our life, although we are trying to get back to how we were…. Every thing in our daily notes (diary) will have changed, we need to adapt to the times we are living…. try to get ahead and adjust ahead of time, this way you will avoid blocking yourself.

Beware how much information you take in, too much in these cases,can be negative on all levels. Keep away from people who really just live talking about this and see every thing through negative eyes, this will give you stress and anxiety and it may even stop you from hearing positive news………

Not every thing at this moment in time is negative, the odd coffee with friends, office gossip or catching up with your friends in the evening, of course to do these things you would need to oblige with the current regulations set out in distinct areas, you can do these things but maybe with little adjustments.

When you return to your what would be daily routine, try to find as many positive points as possible,keep your motivation up and going , we are looking at many changes and new ways to do our daily chores, it’s a time of setting new intentions,

Always try to comply with the new rules and regulations and the hygiene protocol set in place, don’t risk your health and that of others……..

Brooke Universal Life Coach






2 Comments on “NORMALITY ?

  1. Maybe research deeper into the virus. I don’t think we should just accept this situation with an authoritarian government lurking ahead. And the virus is not as dangerous as it appears to be, digging deeper 80,000 in the UK die from the flu per year, under 50,000 have supposedly died from Covid. Are we all going to stop life for something less than the common cold?

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