Do you understand the meaning of loving yourself, it really is a wonderful thing, but sadly most people think they only feel love for others, when you love yourself you will feel a permanent glow inside, this feeling within is very special and this is what will attract other people to you,full of love, respect and appreciation for you and the energy you carry with you and deliver to others. This when at times I have mentioned how important it is for us to take responsibility for what we carry with us and take with us everywhere we go, energy, our energy is always with us……..Loving yourself is all about how you feel regarding yourself, do you feel worthy, do you understand your value, many do not realize how deserving of love we are, we deserve to receive the best life has to offer us, you will be magnetic to all around you.

The big secret to happiness, is to be in love with yourself first, you are priority show love by giving it unconditionally to yourself, can you do that? When you learn how to do this, you will notice how this brings people into your life that are worthy of you and will love you the same as you love yourself…there will be no conditions, just love in the best form of itself.

It is so important to give yourself time, to give yourself time for yourself, when you make this a habit in your life, which will come by repetition you will find clarity. a clarity that you need, we all need clarity in our life to enable us to move forward. The main and most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself, always talk and treat yourself how you would wish to be treated in your life, by doing this you are showing others how to treat you and how you wished to be treated.

Work on being in love with the person in the mirror, you and only you know how you have struggled with various situations in your life, what you have been through, but, you know you are still here to tell the story, you are standing tall and you love yourself.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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