Well, I would say that autumn has officially arrived in my part of the world, the weather has changed, torrential rain, thunder , wind but as yet no lightening…..that was yesterday, but no rain ? However I have to say the temperature has not dropped radically as yet ! So, it’s that kind of weather that whatever you wear, it’s wrong ! 


The sky has changed it’s colour, and sunshine is not on the agenda for today, but I am not complaining with this change,which is a nice break from an extremely hot summer,things change as well, our habits and daily routines, being outside and getting wet is not on my to do list ! One of the things I love to do, as the weather changes is to spend more time in my kitchen, it’s different from the summer, and my friends know that, which brings me to this post, I received a call ” Could you make your rice pudding today” why not I thought, and all though very different for me and my posts I thought I would share it with you………………..

spanish-rice-pudding-1So here we go, you will need :-

50g    Rice                                    1 Egg

3 soup spoons of condensed milk

Grated peel of lemon

1 soup spoon of sugar

1/2 glass of brandy !!!!!!

1 Full glass of water

1 teaspoon of butter

Pre-heat oven 200 C, Caramalise sugar, and place it in your bowl or what you wish to serve with, let it cool, mix the grated lemon rind with the brandy!! and water, bring it to boil place the rice inside and let it boil approx 10 mins, take it of the heat and add the yolk of the egg, the condensed milk and butter. Mix well, beat the white of the egg until spikes appear, slowly incorporate everything, moving with a spatula. Place it into your desired bowl, drop the oven temperature to 180 C and cook for 20 mins. Let it cool and serve, or warm however you prefer. 

This will take you approx 40 mins in total, and with the added little kick, the brandy !!! you will love it, sprinkle with cinnamon, jam, fresh fruits


Hope you enjoy, but just felt today was the day for this, back to normal tomorrow !

They do say a change is as good as a rest…………………………………..



  1. Here we’re in spring, but you wouldn’t know it. We have the biggest ever storms to hit this state. Creating havoc in so many ways. It’s cold, wet,windy ++++ with promise of more to come. Pudding sounds yummy πŸ™‚


  2. Why I never put brandy in a pudding before is beyond me. This is life changing :D. Thank you for sharing! ❀ Have a great weekend!


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