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Did you notice which day, in which moment little Miss negativity slipped into your life, most of us do not see it, creeping around just waiting for that little opening ! yes that’s how it happens, we are happy are life is going fine, we are accomplishing the things that we wish and then , one day things start to slide, things are not working out for you like before………….. we are surrounded with negative energy and we never even saw it coming.

This negative energy will stop us right in our tracks, it will block us and we will not be getting what we want. The moment you are aware of this happening to you, you must get rid of this negative energy, challenge it until it has vanished from your life.

Negative energy is like a bad rash, it suddenly appears and makes life so much harder, and unless we do something about it, just like the rash it will continue and spread. The problem with the spreading is that it will enter into all parts of life, everything around you becomes a hard uphill challenge, where as things flowed in a better manner before, your relationships will suffer your finances and everyday that the negativity is present, the harder your life will become.

negative 2 

The presence of negativity in your life will start to make you feel down and unhappy, always chasing something that cannot be caught, the more you try the less you achieve, so what are you going to do………. The first thing you need to do, is not to give it so much time in your thoughts, the more negative thinking you do, the more you will attract this only leads to you only having negative beliefs you are totally attacked by this rash ! 

Dont ever forget that your subconscious mind, creates your reality, your life on what you think and believe !!! So when you have these continual negative thoughts the more things will go bad for you and will challenge you more in everything you do. This will then bring anxiety, difficulties and total chaos 

Events cannot go your way when your mind is only full of negative thoughts, the only formula to send Miss negativity packing is to change your thoughts and beliefs into positive thoughts and beliefs, you have to be very aware to do this, no one can do it for you, you can have help but you have to change each thought one at a time, when that thought arrives, you feel angry upset you have to quickly think of something that pleases you, something that makes you smile, feel good it can be whatever you wish, it just has to be something that instantly will change your thoughts, you may feel this is a lot to handle, but all you have to do is remind yourself of what you really want in life, to be able to see how your life would be, if things were going more in your favor, when you start to think of these things you will instantly calm down and the negative thoughts will start to float to the back of your mind, the secret is not to let them creep  back,letting negativity run free in your mind is only going to bring you problems and difficulties……and nobody wants that, do they ? 

When you want to have the life that you deserve, when you start to see the outcome you want in your mind, your thoughts will also start to think that way then you can turn your life around, when you take control again, when you call the shots, when you control your thoughts, when you stop saying I can’t, it’s not possible , when you convince yourself in any shape or form or word of your own capabilities…all those kind of thoughts hold you back and stop you from going anywhere………

Negative 3

You can really have anything you want in life, if your mind is in positive mode and you only allow positive thoughts to live there,be happy take control of your mind and subconscious mind and start to soar higher and higher, start your pathway to success today……………..

Brooke Universal Coach

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