Life is built on a line of luck and our own responsibility. To say it all depends on luck, would be to comply and give up, it would leave us with no capacity to direct or define our life. To say that we all do what we want to do,when we want to do it would give us the power to create our own reality tailor-made,this can be at times dangerous to us and the people around us, destiny is not previously written,so we should never give up if we were to do this our life could be painful and boring,so we need a little of what is prepared for us and a little of our own capacity to make that happen, everything in good measure and balance.

29 day positive 3

Without this balance we spin out of control and receive blows in our lives that our necessary to avoid total depression and bring us back to reality. Between one and the other we find our point to be applied to create what we want and how to get there, step by step working and learning on how to understand,love and act,to have the ability not to ask ourselves to many questions,to obtain the possibilities of our new circumstances and to be prepared for when the opportunities appear,which open the doors to new realities that we wish and hope for,some times they are a long time coming but if you hold on to your reality with balance and good mind you are ready. The good luck factor is simply the combination of your preparation and the opportunity.The first may depend on us,the second however not so much,all though with practise who knows ?



Brooke Universal Life Coach




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