Well, I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween, but I have been thinking, trick and treat should not be kept for one night of the year only, we really should trick and treat all the time, but with ourselves, we use the trick part with no problem, when we flood ourselves with negative thoughts and set ourselves back with the progress we want to make, so let’s bring on the treat, we all know that we should be visualising what we want,but do we really treat ourselves totally, the answer is probably NO with a capital N, but we should with all the luxury, pampering and delight it deserves.

image negative poster

When we visualise that is great, but do you really get into it, heart soul and everything you have got, we have to feel the sensation our treat really gives us, when we physically do something that is a treat for us, we feel it, with every sense we have, if it’s a day at the beach, we feel the sand, we feel the warm sun on us and we feel the clear blue water, we have a  sensation of happiness and peace within, we feel the sea breeze, we hear the people around us, laughter, playing generally having fun, maybe people sleep or read, the point is we see and sense all that is around us, the air holds a different smell, our senses are alive and vibrant, our whole being is different and this is the experience you need to have when you visualise your goal, every detail is important, you have to really put yourself in the situation that you want, from when you get out of bed and how your new life day would be, what you see, what you smell, what you do and what you feel, and where you are, see your surroundings, how does your new office, or home look like,enjoy your drive in your new car, new partner, new job….. this list can go on and on, your job is to incorporate everything you want, remember everyone is different and of course don’t forget the bank balance if it is more money that you seek, you only need yourself to create this perfect vision, but the more perfect your vision is, the more perfect it will come to you in your reality. We can and do create our own reality, practise makes perfect….so drop the trick and truly treat yourself to everything you deserve.


Brooke Universal Life Coach






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