Did you know that we make spiritual bridges all the time, with our energy and vibrations, every thought we have and word we speak, indicates our emotions and intentions, whether they are positive or negative.

You may believe this or not, but it is just the same as the existence of light or dark, and this is why at times it is necessary for us to do an energy cleanse of ourselves, When do we know this? When our body is not in balance and does not flow in harmony as it should, this is also when our intuition kicks in and we know that things are not right.

It is time to clear all the past bad thoughts and intentions you may have had, the negative energy has to go !! You will be operating on low vibrations and that is not what you want, it is time for us to seek high vibrations and change our life for the better.

To keep the harmony within it is good to meditate and to visualize yourself protected by a beautiful aura at all times, and always give thanks to the universe, remember the law of attraction works with your 24/7 it is always working around you,

Express gratitude for your life, your family your loved one’s and everything around you, your happiness and remember you deserve the best in life, always health, wealth and love, you have to feel and believe this is true for you.

When you don’t change these things in your life, things will only repeat in your life, your beliefs will remain the same, therefore the outcome is always the same, you are a wonderful unique person who deserves the best life can offer you in every area, but it is also down to you, you have the control and power over your life, you may find this hard to believe, but change your thoughts and words when you express yourself and you will see and feel the difference in your life.

Brooke Universal Life Coach






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