fashion friday 8

When people admire the beauty of a swan, it is usually the long elegant neck that calls our attention, a long neck is associated with pure elegance and beauty. To obtain the effect of a long neck line, it is a good tip if you wear tops with a V type neckline, change large jewellery for fine elegant pieces and scarfs that are light and have a natural fall, do away with bows shoulder pads and peter pan collars (little half-moon) You should also take special care with the length of your skirt, if you wish for your skirt to show a good figure line, slimming and that you feel comfortable with, go for a straight cut,a vertical line, in other words longer than wider,so if you wear a larger size, don’t go for a shorter skirt, to short is not the style for you, if you are looking to make your figure look longer and slimmer,always look for a vertical line, a long cardigan will give you length where as a short jacket will not, also a jacket with no pockets and lots of bits and pieces will always favour you more, as details do distract the eye

fashion friday 9

Colour co-ordination is always a plus, if you wear the same colour of a top as your skirt or trousers your figure will always benefit, as the eye does not perceive a horizontal cut in your figure. You always need to have on hand a few little items that will help you to camuflage the odd little defect or your trouble spot, that we all like to have ! the great new world of spanx are every girls dream and a thicker pair of tights will give a good leg shape and hide any veins or blemishes you don’t want to see, just keep them in a little corner of your wardrobe you never know when you may need them in a hurry. When you are getting ready for the day,practise at using less is better than using more, try it, it really can make or break your outfit.

fashion friday 10

When you find a perfect fit and style, that is part of your basic wardrobe, and you know you are going to use it on every occasion possible, buy more than one, the same or in various colours, if you can’t afford to that right away, call back at the shop during the sale time and see if you are lucky ! and find a great discount, when it comes to fashion jewellery, we all love it,but, never abuse it by using everything at the same time, are style is shown in the details we use, they really define our style and who we are ………remember if you choose a large necklace dont over do it on the earings, it is always better to aim the attention on  one focal point, it is also better to wear four or five bracelets on one arm, as to three or four on each arm !! 

I hope these little tips have helped you over the past weeks, I do enjoy this little fashion section, thank you for your support as always .

Brooke Universal Coach



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