No blog today guys, I am out for lunch, as it’s that day yet again, it just keeps popping up, it comes round every year……….I suppose it is the same for us all,

What could be better than a lovely lunch with your friends, sadly not all of us are in the same country, but, all being well they will soon be here and we will be doing it all over again………it’s great, we all get two birthday’s !!

You know it’s so true, you don’t stop laughing when you grow old, – you grow old when you stop laughing………… we are having a great time.

Aging is a strange and extraordinary process where you become the person you have always wanted to really be…. Aging is not about lost years or times, but it’s all about finding all new ways of seeing opportunity and strength , so on that note, I would like to say I wish you were all here……. we would have a great time

Happy Birthday to me ………………………….and many thanks to you all…….


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