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If you do have these feelings, welcome to approx 70% of the working force, at some point in their career, you are not alone, this is a feeling that the majority of us feel at some point in our working life, if you feel you are a fraud or are not worthy of your current post or of any merit for your work, you will fit into the group we have mentioned. 

You may feel that you have covered your work well but at the same time you have a feeling you are going to wake up and everyone will see what you are doing wrong, even if you are highly successful, you may suffer from these thoughts, at some point in your career, it is when you have the incapability to accept your success and goals, which is purely due to your own merit, you like to link it to external events, or a little luck, just circumstances that were there and anyone could have reached the same success ! For someone who goes through these feelings they will probably be  perfectionists or leave everything to the last-minute or they maybe never really finish anything. 

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Most people who suffer from this syndrome have the capabilities required, but, their own perception of themselves makes them feel unworthy and of no value, , although this is not true. This can be because of stereotypes and family dynamics during that persons infancy, the feeling that maybe their siblings are more clever than they are etc., and that they feel in the case of women, that success is more attached to the male sex and them to failure !! (What a thought) however this is true and sadly many women today feel this way, it is a block they have from childhood which they should work on to remove. This can affect men also, it can also affect people who have found success very quickly and did not expect it, and from people with  very successful parents. 

So how do you get around this, after many years helping professional women who feel they are imposters and for that reason feel unsatisfied or stuck in their work or career, it can be a temporary situation, it can disappear with time and experience, when they realise that they are super qualified and have only their own merit to be thankful for. Others at times need help, to get over this syndrome, we have to work through the internal blocks that create this situation and identify them. Our personal competence of success and failure, behaviour and thoughts which we feel outside of our work which can trigger these feelings of imposter and modify this step by step. 

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