Many people believe that to be able to find the life they truly desire, they first have to find themselves , it is not a question of finding themselves it’s more a question of creating the person they wish to be, so how do we create the life you desire?

One of the first steps have to be your mindset, it is very true that if you change your thoughts, you will change your life……you will know the theory, what you think, you become…what you feel, you attract…and what you imagine you create. Take a little look at your life now, and be extremely honest with yourself, do you feel your life is what you have thought,felt and imagined… times for what ever circumstances we see everything in a negative manner and imagine the worst scenario possible… if we had imagined thought and felt the entire opposite would things be different?….. well the answer is very simple, and it costs nothing, just a thought,feeling and imagination and we can see for ourselves if we can create our life………I know you can and you should believe that you can also.

Now, of course there are a few things you need to take into account when we start on the incredible journey of creating your desired life, if you can imagine what you desire,you can achieve it, if you can dream it you can become it, I am sure you have heard all of these things, which are true, if applied correctly…..when you go through this process, you will need a partner, a coach ,a friend someone just as passionate as yourself regarding your goals and dreams, you need this person to hold you accountable, when you have this in place you will make your first permanent step towards success, if you don’t have this, it is going to be more difficult, you need to be very strong willed in what you think feel and imagine, and you must have the ability to block out your negative outside influencers…..and these can be people very close to you who do not understand your way of creating and therefore don’t understand your goals and dreams. By making a commitment to your accountability partner about your goals and dreams, will make the milestone realistically attainable.

How you understand your process, and your belief will show on the outside, everything we think feel and imagine on the inside can not be hidden from the outside, when we are happy it shows, when we are sad it shows, you may feel you are a good actor….but, people you know you well and care for you, will see straight through your act.

when you start to work towards your goals and dreams you must think feel and imagine, every section it covers, imagine how you would feel if you had your dream/goal let that shine through, by doing this you will start to attract what you seek, you have to be prepared for what you want in every aspect of that desire, you also have to be wide awake and ready to act, at times your goals/dreams can appear quickly, the universe loves speed, so you really have to be ready at all times, feel that life you crave, imagine the soulmate you seek think how your new job, home car wardrobe will look like, how does the car feel, how have you furnished your new home, how does your new soulmate act with you, all things have texture smell touch, use all your senses and experiences that take you closer to what you want, the more detailed you can think feel and imagine your goals/dreams. See yourself leading the life you wish for yourself, design and create your new life and lifestyle.

If you really wish to create a life, you have nothing to lose, just give it a go…….it’s for you, you deserve this, you are worth it……….think, feel and imagine!

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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