Vision Board fun, most of you will know what a vision board is, but just in case you don’t , a vision board is a wonderful tool to bring your hopes dreams and goals closer to you and is a great way to help focus, many have problems with permanent focus on what we want in our life. 

You can display anything you want on your board, when you see something in a magazine you want in your life, cut it out and stick it on your board, it can be a car, your dream home, the job you would like, the clothes you would want to wear, how the new you will look, do you want to travel, find all those fabulous places you want to go, cut them out and get them up there with all your dreams, whatever you would like to see in your life, deserves a place on that board, all your professional and personal dreams, a soul mate,to enjoy all these wonderful things you can bring into your life.

A vision board is a superb way to keep that motivation going, you can place long and short-term goals on it, you can change anything you like, the positioning of your board is important, place it where you can see it a lot, if you work from home your office space is a great place, you can make little extensions to it, maybe an affirmation on your bathroom mirror or that car you want, by it being one of the first things you see in a morning and maybe the last at night will keep the focus up front and right in the perfect spot….. remember your thoughts are key here, we are what we think and we have the ability to draw things to us, like attracts have the power within to do this, you can create the life you want, and a vision board is a great tool to help you.

This is a strong statement, but true, ask, believe and receive, you can of course have more than one board, if you want them in different places,and it really can be fun, as you put the board together you will find that you get excited by what you are choosing and seeing, this is emotion which is very important for your vibration going out to the universe, and you will feel this every time you look at it.

Another great thing about the vision board, is that you can include your children in this, let them make a vision board of their own, this helps them to realise that they really can achieve and be what they want to be in this world, it can motivate them just like you, it can teach them to set goals and plan as they get older, it is never to young for them to start new habits, habits and believes that older people have difficulty in removing.Many people get stuck in life by holding on to old beliefs and not being able to remove them. Imagine if we had, had a vision board,  wow !


Have fun this weekend, start your motivation and start your vision board !!

Brooke Universal Life Coach




  1. Oh I’m so doing mines this weekend too, I really think it’s important to have them! Thanks for sharing


  2. I’ve had lots of fun with vision boarding over the years Brooke. High time I did another one!
    Just so you know WP is doing strange things with my follows. Hope you’re well. πŸ™

    Liked by 1 person

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