Don’t despair by becoming older, it is a privilege denied to many

Advancing in age, is an art, a gift, between our childhood and becoming of age there is something we call life. achieving grey hair and birthdays should be moments of joy… for life and what being here truly means…….

The wrinkles will remind us when we have had laughter lines…and we really should give thanks for every birthday we have celebrated…we can share moments with the people that we love, and build with our presence a better world.

When the wrinkles start to appear we start to take note of how fragile and speedy life can be, acknowledging these facts we feel uncomfortable and troubled by this.

When in reality we should not be worried or sad… how can we be sad, knowing we have the opportunity of more years to celebrate.

Why do we fear that age brings with it our loss of inability and capacity to do things, why do we see ageing as a sentence of humility and weakness, when in reality getting older simply means we have managed to pass through various stages of our life with honours.

Each day represents 1440 minutes of new options and wonderful opportunities, hundreds in fact within our senses and thoughts. Each year is a medal giving more opportunity and treasured memory of the instant we blow out our candles with strength and pride.

We must wish to continue to achieve our dreams,seconds,minutes hours days, months and years, and above all else to be able to celebrate life and with the people we have around us, who you see and totally feel, maybe wrinkled but happy, then you know you are happy to age.

Life is a gift that we all have the opportunity to enjoy, it is a breath of fresh air, falling down, learning ,pleasures and suffering, this is why within itself it is wonderful, for this reason we must always make the most of each moment, making us feel very fortunate and grateful.

To accumulate an amount of years , which in it self is an art that consists of letting the importance of life through the years,be more important than years of life. Which in simple terms means we should make the most of our existence while we can enjoy it…………..To age is a gift!

Brooke Universal Life Coach




  1. I love the idea of getting older. Hopefully, aging brings wisdom. We learn. We grow from our experiences. We take what we have learned and use this knowledge to become our highest and best selves. We also share what we have learned with others. To thrive is to be alive far longer than our physical bodies allow. Then comes our legacies. ☺️

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