Did you know that connecting with the sky during nightfall can actually make you happier and relieve your stress, when you take in the beauty of the night sky it can help increase your creativity in all area’s…….

When we look at the stars, we maybe for the first time realize how vast the universe really is, what it holds and what could be waiting for us, the stars are truly beautiful, when we gaze up towards this vast space of beauty our imagination and creativity can really get to work, have you ever seen the formations and figures that the star’s form high above us. The fact is we become totally in awe of what we see and experience, and it is this awe that can bring out our creativity and relieve our stress, we become happier after these experiences,you could try it for yourself and see, experience an evening beneath the stars, relax and enjoy and prove this fact to yourself.

We also benefit from the night sky by helping us to open our horizons and bring us out of ourselves , its a way to connect with the world and the universe.

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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