How aware are you of your capabilities, responsabilities belief’s and even your dreams and goals, most of us, are not aware of the special person, that we are, of our own individual power. We hold the answer to everything within our life’s, but do we choose to acknowledge or recognise this, and do we, at the same time realise how this will influence what we are doing and where we want to go and be. When we recognise who we are, and take responsibility for that we can start to move forward, if we go through life continually blaming others,we will be stuck right where you don’t want to be, we are not perfect, nobody is perfect, but at times to blame others is much easier than blaming ourselves or accepting circumstances, to go where you want to go you have to know yourself really well and recognise who you are, acknowledge the fact of things that maybe have not gone so well, when we take control and responsibility our awareness is at it’s best, and this sets us free to move forward,

learning power 2

We must have the ability to forgive ourselves, if you carry guilt or shame this will block you, if you can forgive others you owe it to yourself the same forgiveness, you have simply made a mistake and people do that all the time, it does not have to be something earth shattering something small can also eat us away, it’s the if’s and but’s you have to get over, you live in the present and the future, nothing past can be changed, you can only learn from it,so you recognise and acknowledge !! Then your present and future can change because you will see your worth and believe that you can have what you want and with that change things will start to be good. You will be in balance and in control of your thoughts and actions, you will become self disciplined in every aspect of your life, self discipline is not as difficult as you think, this is for you, so anything is worth it, this is not being selfess, but you are important and need to see that in everything you do, sometimes you may have to speak up for yourself, for others to see who you are, when you converse with others this can be done in a very natural and normal way,but you have to be courageous enough to be your true self, when you label yourself, due to your unawareness you are allowing others to do that also, and in the end you will believe this label yourself, and your ability to think clearly will be clouded, by the same token you must not label others, you must be aware of your action’s at all times.Remember when we use the Laws of the Universe, they will respond to us, by our thoughts and words, and we will get back the vibration we give out, so you have to have awareness, we are responsible for our own life .

wednesday forgiveness

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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