We are now well into October and the summer is now a memory, we start to change our wardrobe and we start to wrap up, we don’t have that instant jump out of bed feeling we have when the sun is already in the sky waiting to say “Good Morning”, we are more likely to see a few dark clouds maybe a little rain and for sure, the air is going to be a little fresh, the temperature drop’s and we consider an extra 10 mins in our nice warm bed, before starting are daily routine, so doe’s all this influence how we go about our working day,we really should be always looking to be in our superiors good books ?

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And we should never make them or anyone wait because we delay our time of facing the day, we want to be perfect when we arrive at our destination, but the time we take to get us as one with the world, should be worked out by you before hand, arriving late to meetings whether it be formal or coffee with a friend is not something you should be known by, if this is the case, you will never be taken serious and this is important in all walks of life, never be late……..don’t leave things until the last second, it is important to mentalise yourself regarding time, and if necessary make a list, you know by my previous posts, I am a great lover of lists, if you write it down you do it, and you will know how long you need for each item on your list. It is important that you show the world that you are a serious, responsable and active person, and of course reliable…people need to feel that they have confidence in you and that you forfill your obligations again this does not only apply in a working enviornment in everything we do concerning others they should be able to trust us and consider the importance of what we are doing and saying.


cosy 3 We should also always tell the truth, if we assume our responsibility for mistakes that happen, we are avoiding greater problems. Loyalty is also something that should be mentioned here, we should always be loyal in our work place, with friends and with the people we love. If we can take into consideration all of the above, we should be in a happy place, with happy people around us, which make your days and days to come happier and happier in your new winter routine, this is a four season must, but losing the sunshine and gaining the darker days always has a strong influence on us and our daily routines.

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Brooke Universal Life Coach





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