If you do nothing, you get nothing, so if that is what you really want, you reached your goal, !!!!! congratulations, but don’t ever complain again about anything, because you have everything that you inspired for……

image of dreams

So maybe if you look at it like this, you MAY realise how important it is to set goals and work towards them, everyone is different with goal settings, some take a big jump and ask and work towards an enormous goal, there is nothing wrong with thinking BIG, the bigger the better,while others like to break the final goal down into smaller goals and take smaller steps but reach the final goal, this is good to keep you focused and motivated, if you have problems with these two things break it down and take each step at a time. Now to be able to do this you have to know what you want, down to the finest detail, I know we have gone over this time and time again,but, you cannot take giant or baby steps for anything, if you do not know exactly what you want, and knowing you want more money, the perfect partner or better health is not enough, it has to be detailed, and a plan put together on how you are going to take those steps, as I have told you before, it is not your job, to know how this will unfold, just believe it will, and let the events unviel themselves to you as you go on your journey, write it down in detail, keep a diary,do your vision board and take the action when it is called for, a simple method is set out for you in my book, !The basic recipe to the Law of Attraction ” Brooke Smitham  it is available for you on Amazon one click and it is yours, it is a simple easy to understand guide to get you on your way, you can refer to it at any time and start to see the results for yourself.

Motiation NOW

When you start to work on yourself, and where you see yourself going,doing,and being in the future, you will start to see how many opportunities you can have and that you always have a choice, when you truly connect with your inner self and listen, you will start to be honest with yourself and see your worth, you will trust yourself like never before, and you will start to move forward, it is your time to take those divers boots of, that have held you down and totally stuck for to long, you will realise who you are, and like what you see, you will fall in love with yourself like never before, ” To love another, you have to love yourself first ” you will no longer be, what others want you to be me, or expect you to be, your old beliefs will start to peel away, making room for your new found beliefs on who you are and what you can achieve, you have always known you are unique,but you will now truly see just how unique you are, there is no other you.

Be brave

Everything that makes you unique is totally free to you, and now you can bring those abilities into play. The inner freedom of being your own person, will change your attitude and the way you live your life, and most importantly it will bring you happiness and joy that you maybe have lived without all these years. We use energy everyday, so the tremendous amount of energy you have used till now being someone you do not want to be,or not getting you where you want to go imagine how you would feel when you do know where you want to be and who you really are, how powerful that energy will be. Remember if you seriously want this change in your life, be prepared to meet, the new you, the best ever version of you take all your courage and strength abilities, your new turned around energy , be positive and watch your new life and opportunities open up before your very eyes.

Be free 1

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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