Happiness is a little bit about finding yourself, its not about a new home, fast car and lots of money, you have to feel happy inside to be able to experience true happiness and not just an appearance happiness. You need to feel content and at ease within your mind and heart, its all about Mind Body and Soul .

Never try to look for happiness, where you think you may of lost it, many of us feel that a failed relationship just needs another one to take its place, and of course we all really know that that is not the recipe………..only maybe for the next future disaster. You need to making a commitment to yourself,not to someone else, you need to be able to celebrate yourself in every sense of the word….

Don’t allow anyone to tell you, how to do YOU, that is your decision and your decision only, start to pay attention to what really attracts you, this will start to guide you that you are on the right path to finding yourself again and happiness, passion and purpose. Have the courage to follow this path way, and remember that your 1st and last love is self love.

You don’t have to do what others want you to do, freedom is being you, without anyone’s permission , fall in love with taking care of yourself , Mind Body and spirit, it is not selfish, it is giving the tools you need to be able to spread your love and caring to others. A good start is to think for yourself , doing what others wish will maybe fill you with fear, that will get in the pathway of your growth and reduce your hopes of finding happiness, be a little rebel at times….. the odd one out at times maybe,but be you, just don’t be what others want you to do, take a risk, take that risky path and be the utter raw version of yourself, you need to be happy with yourself, not anyone else.

When you judge people you will find no time to love them….that will escape you, find your self respect , don’t put yourself down, you are wonderful and unique , think of yourself as worthy ,capable of anything so full of abilities, you are not here to be rejected, you are over brimming with confidence because you are smart, you set out plans and goals that fill you with happiness from the moment you jump out of bed in the morning, a big smile and can’t wait to get going on your fabulous life, don’t miss out, be happy always.

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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