You may think, I have something wrong with me, talking about Christmas today, but it happens to be one of the most stressful times of the year, yes we are happy etc., but the build up and the actual Christmas days can be very stressful and you can certainly be the days we most work in maybe the whole year…..

The big secret to having a less stressful Christmas time is preparation, don’t let it sneak up on you !

So maybe my favourite of all tools should be used, let’s make a list……you will need to note all the gifts you need, and for who and never forget the odd little thing you put away, just in case you are surprised by someone you had totally forgot about or an unexpected visitor, just pops by….. once you have that list done and ready, you are ready to start your search and purchase, if you start this now, it is not as heavy on your purse strings and you will feel more relaxed. I suggest you keep this list separate and only do one kind of shopping at a time.

Now, we need to make a list for the food we need to buy, depending on whether you are in or out for Christmas day, again you can make great savings here, as most things go up in price at Christmas time, and what you need to be fresh, you can maybe order,so you are sure of your goodies and will not be running around like a headless chicken, again this is going to make your Christmas a lot less stressful.

And one of the big one’s that we need to tackle is our home, all the things we need to do in preparation for Christmas time, it’s like a spring clean event….. and maybe you have guessed over this period, so it is important to be all ready and prepared for them also, the sooner you get around to these jobs the better, when we do a deep clean we can then just keep on top of things and everything will be just as we would like it. By following this method you also avoid a great amount of the crowds.

Now if you are anything like me, you will need to organise your wardrobe also, so many things go on around Christmas time and especially if you have children, so if your wardrobe has been picked organized by you previously, just imagine how much time to are going to save, you are going to feel perfect and comfy down to every last detail…..

So, do yourselves a favour this year, organize all your jobs, make your lists, only shop for certain things on certain days, don’t mix your lists, it all becomes to much, and if you start now, the cost will be spread over the next three months and your stress also, we all deserve to enjoy this special time, so make this one stress free, for you and your family, the better you feel the better you are seen, remember happiness is contagious and so is stress!!

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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