When was the last time you looked at yourself as a person (not a Mother, Daughter,lover or Friend)and where you are at in your life,? Are you happy with your appearance, are you happy with what you do and how you relate to others………….if you have a slight problem answering this question or a few, buts, ifs or maybe !! you need to find a big mirror and place yourself in front of it. Take a good look at who is looking back at you, and fire away, ask all the questions you wish, and need to know, this is a great opportunity for you and we should all do this, at least every six months, we do slide, it is quite human, we become comfortable in an uncomfortable zone, let me explain………..

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When we enter into a routine , this routine can become very boring, we just do everything on auto pilot, this is not good for you, your employer, your partner, your family and friends, in fact it is not beneficial to anyone or any situation, you will become bored and people will also become bored with you, even though you may not be aware of it.

Life in its self has a form of routine, lets call it a schedule, that is normal, you go to work, you return you eat etc., we all have a certain amount of routine in our life, but what I am really asking you is, when you look into the mirror, is the person looking back at you, happy and content with what is going on in your daily life, your routine, have you advanced in the way you wanted to, do you do the things you wanted to achieve, whether this be in your career, or simply having a healthy life style, or have you spent everyday just pleasing the people around you and not giving a thought to yourself, so, at the end of the day, your life is boring, your ambition has drifted out of the window, your healthy lifestyle is only seen in a glossy magazine and your personal relationship is stuck on half way to nowhere, there is no freshness, no sparks you just plod along and of course this makes the ones around you plod also. One thing is being comfortable with your employer or partner and another thing is to be totally predictable ! No one should or wants to be predictable, you have to expand on who you really are, let the people around you, see who you really are,spread your wings and show who you are, you deserve this, for yourself, and you just might find someone so exciting , who has been kept prisoner for so many years, never be afraid to be yourself, how can you know your acceptability if you are always being someone who others want you to be, and not you.

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As you only deserve the best, start to make your list of all the questions you would love to ask yourself, and make sure you get an answer back, this exercise is really best in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and speak from the heart, hold nothing back, this is going to be the best one to one you will ever have, it is amazing how much you can find out about yourself, you think you know all the Q & A, but I can assure you this is not the case. If your life is stale, stagnant and boring, now is the time to spice it up and change the things you feel are important to you and the people around you, there really is nothing you do not deserve, find that 30 mins to exercise or to do a new beauty routine or meditate or just time for you, your life may be part of your families but it is also yours, you have this inner power always with you, you just need to want to use it and to believe in yourself. 

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